URBANFLUX: Kohn participates in 100and1dayTO!

UrbanFlux is an interactive 3-panel installation highlighting the sensorial aspects of movement and change within the City of Toronto.

Panel 1 – DOTS (above) Over the years, the Garment District has transformed through art, architecture, and design. Traces of the past are riddled throughout the district as the area becomes re-purposed. Become part of this change by creating your own artistic silhouettes by adding and/or removing stickers from the panels. As you remove the stickers and create your own space, remnants of the stickers signal the trace of the past.

Panel 2 – INTERACTIVE DATA MAP (above) What do you love about our City? What would you like to see improved? As the City changes, so do our perceptions of it.

This installation is a large-scale visual data map, which will be generated by your input. Rank the following categories representing different aspects of the City by connecting it to a corresponding scale with a piece of string. Through this visual language, you will be able to share your thoughts and feelings about the city, celebrating the good while simultaneously revealing the areas needed for change.

Panel 3 – PLAYFULLY COLOURFUL (above) Visual sensorial qualities of textiles such as pattern, colour and rhythm are used as driving forces in this interactive installation. Colour is often used as a tool help navigate the city (i.e transportation lines, districts, Political Parties). This panel plays with the idea of forming connections using colours. It translates the game “Free Flow” into a live version made of coloured recycled water bottles, where the players race to form connections.